killerskies asked:

could you give me a god tier please? I would really like one, thanks!

I’ve never assigned a god tier based purely on a blog before…here goes!

You are the WITCH of HEART.

A Witch is one who uses their aspect to create, aid, or supplement a cause. They are helpful and can manipulate and ‘break the laws’ of their aspect for the greater good. Jade Harley is the Witch of Space; she uses her powers of breaking the laws of physics and manipulating space and proportions to escape the scratch and save her team. Feferi Peixes used her powers as the Witch of Life to create the dreambubbles, defying the laws of life and death, so that her teammates could all still be together after death.

Heart is an aspect associated with emotions, love, the soul, and spirituality. It is the antithesis of Mind, which is associated with patterns, logical thinking, and strategy. Heart players will be fascinated by relationships, but tend to walk alone themselves. They are hard-wearing, and have many ‘different selves’, sometimes literally. Nepeta Leijon is a hunter troll living along in a cave, where she kills animals for food and paints shipping charts on the walls with their blood. However, she is playful and kind, and very, very brave. Dirk Strider lives in a desolate location, and mediates among his teammates to stop conflict. He has different ‘selves’ like nepeta, but physically; Dream Splinter Dirk, Glasses Dirk, Dream Dirk and Real Dirk, all of which are often active at the same time.

Putting it all together…

The Witch of Heart would be one who manipulates love, the soul, emotions and spirituality for the good of the team. Your powers would include flight, playing around with the romantic feelings/emotions of the team, as well as a darker power: manipulation of the soul. You would be able to twist and turn someone’s very self to the point of pure distortion. Your powers, in fact, centre around meddling with the emotions of enemies teammates alike; so be careful!

Anonymous asked:

If I may ask what do you think a Rogue of Mind would be like? By the way, I wish you good luck in the future of this blog!

Eyyyy! Thank bro c:

So, lets start with the basics….

A Rogue is a very low ranking class, and the passive counterpart to Thief. Don’t let this get you down though! Rogue and Thief are very similar, the only difference being that a rogue will steal for the benefit of others, or for a good cause, and a Thief will steal for their own gain. Take Vriska and Roxy. Vriska, the Thief of Light, steals the luck from her opponents so she can win battles and generally be a nasty piece of work. Roxy, on the other hand, stole pumpkins from her friends; not out of spite or personal gain, but because of the starving carapacians who needed food. You could say a Rogue is like a Robin Hood character, in fact.

Mind, as an aspect, is the antithesis of Heart. It focuses on thought processes, patterns, and logical thinking, as opposed to the soul, emotions, and relationship/love connotations of heart. Mind players are able to use the power of logical thinking, patterns, and problem solving, basically, however this differs, like all aspects, depending on your class. Take Terezi. As the seer of Mind, she predicted (as a seer) the thought processes of Vriska, and used them to discern whether she was safe to leave the meteor or not. Unfortunately, Mind is quite an unexplained aspect, with only two characters so far.

Putting it together…

The Rogue of Mind would be ‘one who steals [thought processes and logical thinking] for the gain of others.

As a Rogue, you would be, as I said, a Robin Hood character, stealing to help others. As a Mind player, you would be good at problem solving, logic, and working things out. However, you would be weakest in terms of understanding your team and possible dilemmas, and would tend to wander off and become preoccupied with your own doings.

Your powers would include flight, ‘stealing ideas’ (for instance, you could potentially take thoughts from someone’s head and keep them to yourself) or maybe even ‘steal the Mind aspect’ from someone, (such as take somebody who doesn’t understand their team’s emotions and take that away). You would also be able to use your mind powers TO steal, by reading/controlling minds by stealing the logical thinking from an enemy and getting want you want…but remember, only for the greater good.

Hope this helped! Any other questions, please send me a message!

Adios amigo

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